Download the new 2024
Baschieri & Pellagri catalogue


In the catalogue, you will find all Baschieri & Pellagri hunting and shooting shotshells and their respective technical specifications to help you making the appropriate choice for your adventures. 

Inside it, you will also discover all the 16 new products that we are excited to present this year:

  • An entirely new range, THE ONE STEEL, dedicated to a wide variety of use and different hunting situations. You'll find the 28g and the 30g that can be fired in shotguns with standard proof marks without restriction. Also, two HP weights, and one more for 20 gauge.
  • From the GREEN CORE line, our special 100% biodegradable wad: we introduce the Dual Steel in 20 ga HP approved.
  • Finally, bismuth for smaller gauges, introducing the 4 new Extra Rossa Bismuth for 28 ga and 410 ga, with either a container or felt wad.
  • Introducing two new Dual Bismuth cartridges: the Green Core container wad in 20 ga and the 12 ga version with a weight of 38 grams.
  • The Mygra Beccaccia Bismuth for woodcock in areas where is present the lead ban.
  • New introductions are also available for the Privilege Game range: two 20 gauges and one Steel with a container wad.
  • Also coming soon, is a new shotshell dedicated to different sports disciplines! It's the Legend Professional Steel 20 ga with a Green Core container wad.

Enjoy all the new arrivals!