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MB MACH: let’s discover the 2023 limited edition

We are in the early 70s, Baschieri & Pellagri from decades strong of a resounding success obtained on the shooting fields and on the hunting range with the evident superlative quality of its cartridges, decides for the first time to introduce the plastic hulls and the plastic wads with container, to its cartridges. 

The powder chosen for the first cartridge was very predictable, the famous MB. The yellow plastic cartridge, but later also green, was called MB Mach and produced in a series of cartridges with a head brass of different heights from type 1 to type 6, using in addition to the plastic case the new plastic wad “A” totally in polyethylene with a large sealing base integrated by a plastic disc which under the pressure of the gases kept it expanded.





An important innovation

The innovation brings a cartridge to all the very performing loads, with high speeds and dense and regular patterns, obtained by the new wad equipped with a container and the hardened nickel-plated lead pellets.

The success is immediately shared both to the line dedicated to hunting with shot ranging from big size and dust size pellets. Loads run from the 1 oz. 1/8 (32 grams) and the heavier 1 oz. 1/4. (36 grams).




The shooting line included heavy loads both to the trap shooting and pigeon shooting, and it also was presented on three cartridges from low head brass with 35g of 7.5 nickel plated shot, to high head brass with 1 oz. ¼  of nickel coated lead shot n. 7.5-8-10-11 multipurpose for trap, pigeon and starling shooting competition.

Last, a cartridge with a super high head brass dedicated to pigeon shooting competitions in a hull with metal protection of 1 inch, with 36g of nickel plated hardened shot from 2,3 and 2,5 mm. size.



A big success 

The cartridges immediately obtained a remarkable consensus. The synergy between the plastic wad and the power of the new Mach cartridges literally makes the trap target disappear in the sky and regularly stop pigeons and starlings with total regularity.

The same hunting version, thanks to the different shot loads, obtain full successes already in the smaller and more important hunting, on upland, woodland and waterfowl game.


New call-to-action



The MB Mach today

After 50 years, the B&P, at the request of many enthusiasts, proposes its MB Mach cartridge for 2023 in the most powerful and performing version, corresponding to old famous MB Mach super high brass for pigeon shooting.




The cartridge will present itself in green cartridge case, which was the mainly used one on the hunting line, and in luxurious 10 cartridges case. True of the ballistic features of the original cartridge, we will find in the new Mach Vintage, 36g (1 oz and ¼)  of nickel-plated hardened lead and a very new precut plastic wad, the “Soft Steel".




This wad is characterized by a very high and large container that protects the entire column of the shot pellets, preserving their sphericality and allowing to obtain compact and regular pattern, keeping the barrel clean even after firing repeated shots. It is built with a "antifreeze" plastic material, which ensures a perfect seal and therefore an exceptional performance of the cartridge up to extreme temperatures (-20° C!). 

The ballistic performance will be of a high level with initial speed of 410 m/s. 




The availability of the various numbers of shots (n ° 3-4-6-7) will allow you to use this cartridge for any type of game of different species. The high power and energy of the new MB Mach Vintage will make this cartridge safe and always highly performing even in the most difficult climatic and meteorological conditions.

The absolute reliability of the MB powder ensures highly elevated ballistic performances that all customers and enthusiasts of the ancient B&P brand have already known for over 90 years. 

No Toxic Cartridges Shot Patterns

Gianluca G

For several years Gianluca has been working as a ballistic consultant, contributing to the continuous improvement and development of new components and hunting cartridges. He is an avid hunter with more than 30 years of experience and is one of the top Italian experts in the field of smooth-bore and rifled-bore reloading. He has contributed as a moderator for various online forums and, thanks to his experience in this field, has been a collaborator of hunting and reloading magazines. His dream is to write a real manual dedicated to the art of reloading, and he immediately threw himself into the challenge of Hunting Spot to start working on that, also thanks to your contribution.

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