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Is there a best shotgun gauge for upland hunting?

If you read our blog "A Primer: Getting Started with Upland Hunting", you might wonder in choosing a shotgun which...

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16 gauge: features, shells and ballistic performance

If you take a close look at a 16 gauge shell, you’ll see a shotgun shell that looks just perfect for hunting; it’s...

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How to judge the condition of a secondhand smoothbore shotgun

There are at least three good reasons for buying a secondhand smoothbore shotgun.The most obvious is buying a good...

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Your first hunting shotgun: top tips to choose it

I’ve had to answer this question from young hunters just learning the ropes several times and unfortunately the...

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How to pattern a shotgun and become a pattern master!

You would never grab a new gun, slap a scope on it, and go on a big game hunt without sighting your rifle in,...

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