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Why Baschieri & Pellagri target shells produce the most consistent results

What’s the most important feature of a competition shell? A good question, that isn’t easy to answer, at least...

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The new Baschieri & Pellagri hunting and target shells

Baschieri & Pellagri launched many new products this year, both for hunters and shooters. Fans of "smaller” bores...

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8+1 Tips (that really work) to break more clays

Let’s admit it, and this is true for any shooter, there’s nothing more annoying than watching a clay fly off...

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The best shells for woodcock hunting

Choosing the best shells for hunting the queen of the woods isn’t as simple as you might think. Spreader shells or...

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Your first hunting shotgun: top tips to choose it

I’ve had to answer this question from young hunters just learning the ropes several times and unfortunately the...

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The right way to test your new clay shooting shells

What if I tried this new clay pigeon shooting shell? How many times have you asked yourself the same question?

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Where to shoot a hog and get a clean and quick kill

Not having a spread, as you do when using pellets, it’s very important to place your slug in a vital organ.

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Duck hunting on a game reserve with All4hunters

We’re hunting ducks in the Jacobin Valley game reserve with our friends and colleagues from in...

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How weather conditions affect hunting shells performance

Damp, temperature and barometric pressure are all factors that have a significant effect on the ballistic...

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A Great Guide To Sporting Clays: launch patterns and shooting techniques!

Sporting Clays is one of the most entertaining clay pigeon shooting disciplines due to the absolutely inventive...

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