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Welcome ONE STEEL: perfect for various types of hunting

Among the most interesting Baschieri & Pellagri 2024 novelties there is a new line of shotshells, the "One Steel",...

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MB MACH: let’s discover the 2023 limited edition

We are in the early 70s, Baschieri & Pellagri from decades strong of a resounding success obtained on the shooting...

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For me, B&P is the answer.

I am a firm believer that confidence is the most important factor when trying to perform at the highest level on...

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Novelties of the year 2023 from B&P

The new range of 2023 hunting and shooting cartridges stands out above all for the use of excellent wads: the...

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Mg2 Mythos... the myth goes on!

MG2 Mythos represents the paradise of cartridges from the Bolognese company. The range includes fine and...

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Alternative materials: the Green Core 2022 line

As an alternative to lead shot, which is prohibited in some areas and in particular wetlands, B&P has selected, in...

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New steel shotshells, loaded with the special Green Core wads

Let’s have a look at the new ranges of 2022 launched by B&P: the Privilege Game Steel line and the Dual Steel...

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Privilege Game: a natural choice!

Privilege Game is a new line of premium hunting shotshells, engineered and developed as a novelty for the hunting...

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B&P Sporting & Compak Fiber NEXT and NEXT Fiber: the new Green Core cartridges for clay target shooting

Nowadays, one of the most frequents concept is “Go Green”. No matter how much this organic campaign is cool, what...

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Fiocchi sets stage for three ‘firsts’ at turkey hunt for women

It took me about half a second to answer “Yes!” to an invitation to attend a turkey hunt for women, sponsored by...

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